Sincere Advice from Professionals

CHAHONG proposes sustainable beauty through only the sincerest advice from experts.


Brand Story

The brand CHAHONG started more than 20 years ago.
Though Cha Hong was acclaimed as the hair stylist for many actors and artists, she has long been loved by the public for her proposal of “self-hair” that can be managed by individuals through various media.
Cha Hong began suggesting self-hair after she met people who were only ideal the moment they visited the salon and could not continue that beauty in their daily life. Thus, Cha Hong came to think about sustainable beauty rather than one-off beauty and started researching ways to make customers satisfied on their own. To this day, CHAHONG researches and proposes her way of beauty to about 300,000 customers per year at major salons in Seoul.
The brand delivers professional and practical care methods through 1:1 consultations with customers on-site and accumulated care methods. CHAHONG's products consider customer care as the most important value.
The products contain only sincerest advice for customers to keep designing and caring for their hair at home without the help of experts, just like Cha Hong did for her clients 20 years ago. It is CHAHONG's most important mission and joy to help customers love and care for themselves in their daily life with high-performance products that embrace the sincerest advice from experts.


Sincere Advice from Professionals

“Understanding and Consideration lead to finest designs and products.”
About 400 experts from the salon meet with customers through 1:1 consultation at the brand mall. They operate a regular beauty class to discover and empathize with customers' unique beauty through sincere communication. CHAHONG researches and proposes sustainable beauty rather than one-off beauty and works with customers.

Daily Premium

“Beautiful Design starts with a Healthy Scalp and Hair.”
CHAHONG understands that care should always come before beauty.
Based on the concerns of customers visiting the salon and the direct field experience of experts, CHAHONG researches and develops practical and effective high-performance* products. CHAHONG suggests products that can bring great effects, but are not difficult for customers to use in their daily life.

* effectively outstanding products

Care for People and Nature

CHAHONG fulfills its social obligations to ensure that the brand's economic activities and products do not damage people and nature until the last moment of consumption and finishing.
In order to reduce their carbon footprint and to help farmers in Korea, CHAHONG uses ingredients from Korean nature as its main ingredients. CHAHONG is also participating in the WWF’s No Plastic in Nature Initiative, Plastic ACTion (PACT). CHAHONG is doing its best to care for nature and recycling by developing a practical package with minimal design, using biodegradable labels*, paper buffers, and paper tape with starch adhesive.
CHAHONG takes responsibility for environmental protection. The brand is clearly aware of the issues created by utilizing nature, which is a part of its economic activities. To this end, CHAHONG donates 5% of its net profits each year to the IUCN and other related organizations to protect nature.
CHAHONG hopes that the entire process of production, distribution, consumption, reproduction, marketing, and brand growth of the brand will be a journey to understand and care for individuals and also nature.

* Labels using an adhesive that dissolves easily in alkaline water, making it easy to separate labels and containers during recycling
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